Determination Of Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises (MSMES) Development Strategy Based on SWOT Analysis in Strategy Management

  • Rosita Liani Department of Accounting, University of Mataram
  • Lalu Takdir Jumaidi Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Mataram
Keywords: Development Strategy, SWOT Analysis, MSMEs, Strategy Management


The Advocates' Organization (OA) is a professional forum for advocates which was founded with the aim of improving the quality and becoming a supervisor for its members, namely advocates. The basis for establishing an advocate organization is Law no. 18 of 2003 concerning Advocates (Advocate Law). Perkumpulan Penasehat Hukum Keadilan Rakyat (PPHKR) is one that exists in Indonesia and was founded in 2020 and currently has Regional Leadership Councils (DPD) in 20 Provinces in Indonesia. The main problems in developing OA, which operationally carries out business functions, are: There is no website that can provide information regarding the existence of OA and there is no massive marketing governance system. With this problem, the solution that the Abdimas Team will try to provide is; create an OA Web and organize a massive marketing program. The activity plan consists of 4 stages, first identifying OA's needs, then creating a website according to OA's needs, third preparing a marketing plan and then socializing the marketing plan so that it can be implemented by OA.


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