Decoding Click-Through Rate's Role in Shopee Marketplace Shopping Choices

  • Sari Hepy Maharani - Banjarmasin State Polytechnic
  • Tarman Effendi Banjarmasin State Polytechnic
Keywords: Click-Through Rate, Purchase Decision, Shopee


Millions of MSMEs conduct transactions through Shopee. But in reality, even though MSME players have sold their products through digital platforms, not all MSMEs are successful in selling through these platforms. This study aims to ascertain the impact of Click-Through Rate (CTR) on online buying choices within the Shopee marketplace, identify the attributes that sway the click-through rate on Shopee advertisements, and uncover the factors that shape purchasing decisions in the Shopee marketplace. Quantitative research was conducted by surveying 102 respondents who use the Shopee application. The data obtained was then processed using descriptive statistical analysis and regression. The results showed that Click-Through Rate has a significant but small influence on purchasing decisions. This research also shows that product rating, store reputation, and number of products sold are the three things that most influence CTR. Meanwhile, online purchasing decisions at the Shopee marketplace are influenced by free shipping, product ratings, and customer reviews.


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